International business meetings – special invitation

The invitation to attend Movelsul Brasil 2020 is a special condition aiming to connect the Exhibitors to international guests from different countries. This is an opportunity to have business meetings with exporting companies from Movelsul Brasil.

In order to confirm your interest in participating, we kindly ask you to confirm us and submit your company profile through this link below:

Registration Form

Selected companies will have their travel expenses to Brazil and return and the accommodation costs offered by the Movelsul Brasil Furniture Show. 

Taking part in the Project will allow you to visit the Trade Show as a special guest and have business meetings with Brazilian furniture companies. Before the event, each registered guest receives a catalog containing the profile of each exhibitor and a form to be completed in order to request meetings with exhibitors of their interest.

Companies that will participate

  • Bertolini

  • Caemmun

  • CBP Colchões

  • Kappersberg

  • kits Paraná

  • Moval

  • Móveis Carraro

  • Santos Andirá