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Fimma and Movelsul celebrate the success of the joint event

The organizers estimate that, together, the trade fairs will generate more than R$ 2 billion in business over the next 12 months

Fimma and Movelsul prove that the woodworking industry has never been so united. Held together for the first time, the event received 30,295 thousand professional visitors from all Brazilian states and 41 countries. The result could not be more optimistic: the organizers estimate that, together, Fimma and Movelsul will generate more than R$2 billion in sales over the next 12 months. The event was held from March 14 to 17, in Bento Gonçalves (RS), featuring 500 exhibiting brands in 58 thousand square meters.

The president of the Furniture Industry Association of the State of Rio Grande do Sul (Movergs), Rogério Francio, highlights the importance of in-person fairs as a meeting point to prospect partnerships. “It’s true that good business can be done remotely, but nothing replaces eye contact, a handshake, the experience of being close to businessmen or service providers. This contact is essential for a good understanding of the market,” he comments.

Concerning the joined edition, Francio reinforces the assertiveness of the decision considering that we are still in a pandemic scenario and with some economic uncertainties. “We consider the joining of the two fairs as assertive, after all, we had an absolute success of acceptance among exhibitors and visitors who, during four days, looked for new products, innovation, and profitable business,” he says.

According to the president of the Furniture Industry Association of Bento Gonçalves (Sindmóveis) and Movelsul 2022, Vinicius Benini, all this optimism confirms the importance of business events for the woodworking industry. “It is the core business of Sindmóveis to seek opportunities and offer showcases to entrepreneurs. In the year the association was established, the first Mostra do Mobiliário fair was created. Today, we finished a historical edition of Movelsul: in partnership with Fimma, we have united the sector from end to end in the main Brazilian event for professionals,” he says.

The president of Fimma 2022, Euclides Rizzi, highlights innovation as the great distinguishing feature of this edition. “We´ve come to the end of Fimma with the certainty that it is an essential fair to promote the development of technology and innovation in the woodworking industry. In addition to presenting products such as machinery, software, and raw materials, we created the Innovation Ecosystem. This space had the participation of 14 institutions and partner companies, and almost 30 lectures on various topics related to innovation. All this reinforces Fimma’s position as the fifth largest fair in the world in its segment,” explains Rizzi.


With qualified visitors, Fimma and Movelsul welcomed professionals from various areas linked to the segment – furniture industry; suppliers of machinery, accessories, tools and raw materials; architects; designers; retailers and foreign buyers. To offer opportunities in the foreign market, both fairs had International Business Meetings with buyers coming from 18 target countries of the woodworking industry.

Sindmóveis estimates that this edition of Movelsul will generate R$ 379 million in business. Movergs forecast for Fimma is US$ 330 million. The associations consider a nominal growth of 15% in relation to the last on-site editions (Movelsul in 2018 and Fimma in 2019), with a period of 12 months for transactions to take place since, in some cases, the fairs are the first contact for business.


The optimism was not only unanimous among exhibitors, but also among visitors, buyers, specifiers and importers. Carlos Azmitia, who came from Guatemala for the Fimma International Business Meetings held in partnership with the Orchestra Brasil project, highlights the quality and assertiveness of the meetings. “Here we are free to identify the clients that interest us without being forced to look and buy this or that, as I see in other fairs. I liked the format of Fimma and Movelsul together. Seeing the inputs used by the manufacturing industry is very productive,” he says.

Regina Segui, a corporate specifier who visited Movelsul for the first time, emphasizes her pleasure in visiting the event. “I had wanted to participate in Movelsul for a few years and this experience was a great surprise. The fair is well known in São Paulo for bringing together the leading furniture manufacturers in southern Brazil. Here I found furniture with excellent quality and price, offering great value for money. I will certainly do business with suppliers, both those I already knew and other new ones,” she says.


The International Fair for the Woodworking Industry Suppliers (Fimma Brasil) is one of the largest fairs of its segment in the world and aims to support the development of the sector through the exhibition of cutting-edge technologies, inputs and equipment that will be transformed into business opportunities.


Movelsul Brasil is the main furniture fair in Latin America in terms of exhibition area, number of exhibitors and professional visitors. Having been held 21 times since 1977 by the Furniture Industry Association of Bento Gonçalves (Sindmóveis), the show has great business potential in the domestic market attracting shopkeepers, major retail chains, corporate buyers, investors, architects and the interest of importers from the main target markets of the Brazilian furniture industry.

Fimma and Movelsul 2022 were sponsored by Prefeitura de Bento Gonçalves and Banrisul.


Orchestra Brasil is the export project for Brazilian companies supplying the furniture industry, a partnership between the Furniture Industry Association of Bento Gonçalves (Sindmóveis), with support from the Brazilian Trade and Investment Promotion Agency (Apex-Brasil).

The participating companies supply inputs, components, accessories, chemicals, machines, tools and software programs – all products required for the production of furniture by the leading furniture manufacturers in the world. Exporting to more than 90 countries, there are approximately 100 Brazilian manufacturers and suppliers prepared to meet the demands of furniture factories, distributors and retailers of all sizes and furniture styles.